Monday, August 20, 2012

Almost done!

We are very close to having the nursery completely done, it is ready for baby now...but just a few things to hang on the wall still. 34 weeks today, hard to believe so much time has passed already. We went to a St. John's Ambulance car seat clinic yesterday, to ensure we have the seats installed correctly. It went really well, and we feel pretty confident in our installation skills now :D

We now have most everything that we need to be prepared for this little one's arrival. Only 42 days till our due date on Sept 30, can't wait! No really bad symptoms still, but I anticipate this will change in the coming weeks. See below for some updated pics of the room :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nursery Progress...

26 weeks today! We have now decided on and are about to purchase our nursery furniture from The Baby's Room in Pickering There is currently a half tax sale on until the end of June, and the below set is available at a good package price. We knew that we wanted to go with a darker wood and keep the straight lines that I am a fan of. We will be getting the convertible crib & mattress, dresser w/ hutch (w/ space for changing), and maybe the nightstand as this will be one of our future children's bedroom sets. We decided on this set because: it has the look we like, it is well rated, the set lends itself easily to an older child's room, and it will provide all of the function we need.

Will also be adding a glider from, the below one is a close match for the rest of the furniture and will be much needed for those late night feedings! Btw, this place has great prices on the smaller items too...usually the same as amazon prices!

We had purchased our Britax travel items about a month ago from Snuggle Bugz in Milton We have already received the two car seats and are just waiting for the stroller to come in. We will be putting the carrier car seat (Britax b-safe) in my jeep, and the larger convertible car seat (Britax Boulevard 65) in my husbands car. We actually purchased the larger car seat in the "cowmooflage" pattern, but it doesn't show that fabric in our model on the site. And for the stroller, we went with the b-agile model. It works with the carrier, and is lightweight and easy to use.

Counting down the days :D

Britax B-Safe Infant Carrier Seat in "Red"

Boulevard 65 in "Onyx"                          "Cowmooflage"

B-Agile Stroller                                                                

B-Agile Stroller with Carrier

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nursery Inspiration...

So now that we are 5 1/2 months pregnant (with a girl!), we are starting to toss around decor ideas for the nursery. We both like the idea of white wainscoting going about half way up on the walls (like in the first pic below). And we also favour the less traditional baby room decor. See below for some pics that are providing some you can see we are favouring teal...and lol I am favouring dark pink.

As for wall decor, I am thinking of either a tree motif or some scattered flowers like below...

Hopefully it will all come together and be a comfortable place for both us and our little girl to relax :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Foodie Post #2

Celito Lindo
We recently tried out a little Mexican place on Kingston Road - Celito Lindo. We went there with friends of ours that have been going there for quite a while. It was very authentic, it kind of felt like you were somewhere else, not in Pickering :) The place is small, and only has about 8 tables, but it was really nice! The service was good & the food too. There was a deep fried ice cream dessert, something I have never seen before! So if you are in the mood for some authentic "home cooked" Mexican food, check this place out :)

Mucho Borrito
We also checked out the less exciting Mucho Borrito, I have been to their other locations in Toronto. We both enjoyed it, but the prices are a bit steep. Interestingly, this location serves beer. Being a picky eater, I always enjoy places where you can choose your toppings :) The parking situation in this plaza is not ideal, the clearance space between the store fronts and the spots is about half the size it should be. And once you get down to the Mucho Borrito end, there is no alternate exit & no space to turn around. Btw, some locations in downtown Toronto serve breakfast items...I highly recommend the breakfast borrito :D

Zeera's By the Bay
I have been researching Indian restaurants in Pickering and came across a good pick - Zerra's by the bay. Tons of positive reviews & lots of delish looking items on the menu. This will be our next pick when we are looking to go out!

Happy Eating!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hardwood, Counters & More!

I have been thinking lately about what we'll do when we're ready to do hardwood, counters, window coverings and many more's some of my inspirations :)

Hardwood Floors
I am in love with a Vintage 5" Fumed Old Oak and various styles of maple. I normally don't like Oak, but this one is different. It has plenty of variations and not as much visible grain. And next to our solid colour black stairs this would really pop.

Vintage 5" Fumed Old Oak

Vintage 5" Fumed Old Oak

Aged Maple Gingerbread

Engineered Hardwood Wide Plank

For our counters I really love a granite style called Bianco Antico...a common black and white style. It would go perfectly in our monochromatic kitchen.

We would prefer a quartz for the low maintenance, but want the look of granite. Definitely need to do some more research and find more styles I like.

As for the edge style I think the first choice would be the Flat Ease edge, it is simple, contemporary, and easy to clean.

And of course we will need to replace our current kitchen sink with an undermount version. I am in love with the 16-Gauge Stainless Steel Single Bowl Square Kitchen Sink from Ticor. Not sure on the sharp or rounded corners yet...I would prefer the sharp, but they can be more difficult to clean. For the tap I want to do something industrial/commercial looking, but still have practical functionality. Pics below...

Have not put too much thought into bathroom counters and fixtures yet...

To Shutter or Not to Shutter...
Lastly, for window coverings...I LOVE shutters, but the substantial cost is pushing me to blinds. I also love the idea of doing dark coverings on the ground floor and white on the second, but considering that we already have a lot of dark furniture and black stairs we will prob go all white...I have included some samples of both that I love below...

I do know that whichever style of blinds/shutters we decide on that we will go with an inside fit. Meaning that the blind or shutter will be inside the window frame as opposed to sitting outside the frame, I just think it looks more finished. I will be looking for understated cornice trims with straight lines if doing blinds, as opposed to the traditional curves...see below...

Traditional Contemporary

Lots to think about!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Foodie Post!

Kips Flamin Burgers
We are still on our mission to try out as many new places in our new area as we can :) Last night we tried out Kips, a burger joint in the same plaza as the No Frills at the South-East corner of Brock & Kingston. We went in to order and the place really did have a Johnny's feel to it, Johnny's is a traditional style burger joint at Victoria Park & Sheppard in Toronto for those of you who don't know it. Kips had a grill right in the front, so you can watch your burgers being cooked and a pick your toppings setup similar to Licks/Harvey's. We grabbed burgers, fries and milkshakes and all were delicious! For sure will return!

I Love Roti
About two weeks ago I also tried out I Love Roti, which is in the same plaza as Kip's. A friend mentioned that they were decent, so I gave it a try. It was very good :) Another place that I will be returning to! Surprisingly there seem to be quite a few Roti places in the Pickering area, and this place is actually rated #5 on Restaurantica - Pickering. Paul Wong's was rated #2 by the way...

Great Wall Buffet
Also a few weeks ago, we tried the Great Wall buffet on Kingston just west of Liverpool. Was semi-happy with the food and would have been more happy if the prices were in line with the product. It is not as well done as Mandarin, but yet they charge similar prices. So if we are looking for the Chinese buffet experience again, we will be skipping this one and heading to the Mandarin. It helps that it is only just down the street from us. But for now we will be exploring more unique and one off types of places ;)

I have also previously tried Makimono (before moving in), a Japanese place on Liverpool just south of the 401 on ramp. It was good, but I would only go there with someone who has been before. It is better to have a veteran with you, because the menu is large and if you order too much and can't finish have to pay extra for everything that is left over. It is definitely an experience, and I would recommend it :)

Waterfront Bistro
Another place we love, and a bit classier is the Waterfront Bistro. It is at the bottom of Liverpool by the lake. We held one of our neighborhood get togethers there and were surprised at how much we liked the place. We will definitely be going back for a special occasion, and hopefully in the summer when the area is bustling with activity and people.

Lastly, a place that we have been visiting while coming to check out the site on the weekends before the move - Massey's. It is located on Liverpool about 5 minutes south of the 401. We love Massey's, it just feels like a neighborhood family type of place. They have a huge menu with tons of comfort type foods. We have been numerous times and enjoyed every visit. We have also brought various friends and family members there and most everyone has loved it too. This will for sure be on our list of places to go for years to come.

Thank-You Mattamy!

Just want to say that we are very happy with our house and the entire process from signing to now, we have had no issues since moving in and our 30 day warranty list has very minor items on it. We also know that had we had any issues that Mattamy would be right there to help us get anything and everything resolved. They really seem to be on point with this development, and we are reaping the benefits!

Now, just need to wait for the rest of the neighborhood to move in...

Shower Organization...

In an effort to keep the shower organized and keep the bottles off the marble ledge we have searched for a few weeks for the perfect shower organizer.

We found everything we were looking for when we stumbled upon this Simple Human one at Home Outfitters. It had everything we wanted and still managed to look good. We needed a spot for a bar of soap, toothbrush, razor, multiple shelves for shower things and this was perfect for all of the above.

It was very easy to install as it simply (lol) uses a tension rod, and each of the shelves are height adjustable. Also see previous post for a pic of it in our shower.

Very pleased with this purchase :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Moved In Pics!

Here's some pics of everything in it's place :)


Ebony Stained Maple Staircase

Powder Room & Cold Cellar

Dining Room

Great Room aka TV room :)

Looking from Dining Room into Kitchen


Our three season deck

Stairs from second floor

Main Bathroom

Laundry Room and Second Floor Hallway

Heavenly Linen Closet

Front Bedroom (Office)

Back Bedroom (Spare)

Master Bedroom

Master Walk-In Closet 

Master Ensuite